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With a dedicated and specialist team in Communication, Marketing, Advertising and Technologies, we provide integrated solutions for your business of Digital Marketing and Information Technologies in order to leverage and improve your operations.


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General Conditions of Service

Social and Commercial Responsibility

General Conditions of Sale and Service

1. Field of application


The present General Conditions of Sale detailed below exclusively determine the contractual relations between the customer and ANM IT & MANAGEMENT CONSULTING, UNIP LDA, hereinafter referred to as ANM Consulting, Marketing & Web Specialists.

The general conditions of sale are the only ones to be applicable and supersede all other conditions, except prior agreement, expressed and in writing. We believe that when a project is awarded, the customer is automatically accepting our general conditions of sale.


2. Product information and prices


We offer several products whose characteristics and budgets comply with the provisions that can be found at www.anm-consulting.com. However, we develop customized web solutions tailored to customer needs, subject to custom budgets.

General Terms of Sale

General Terms of Sale and Service Responsibility